DICON provides over 65 hospitals and surgery centers in a six state area (Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia) with regular and timely information on best practices and best technology as well as educational programs on infection control. DICON has grown steadily since it inception in 1997. We recently decided to expand our educational services after receiving numerous requests from non-DICON affiliated hospitals for access to individual components of our growing list of educational resources.

What is eDICON?

eDICON is a set of inexpensive, useful, and practical ready-to-use tools that can be used by hospitals anywhere. Our educational tools are designed to engage and empower hospital personnel to take an active role in the processes of prevention and education. For example, we have developed online courses for nurses and physicians concerning the insertion and care of central vascular lines, and we also offer training videos for environmental services personnel that can help hospitals systematically reduce the risk of bloodstream and C. difficile infections. Hospitals can acquire licenses to use any or all of the educational tools in the eDICON program.

Our educational tools include:

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