We issue monthly newsletters to keep hospital infection control professionals, nurses, and physicians up-to-date about technical, timely, and important news regarding infection control topics.

Previous DICON Newsletters are listed below as examples of this valuable resource

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May 2023 Midline Catheters: Pros and Cons of an Alternative Venous Access Modality
April 2023 Preventing infection among patients undergoing hemodialysis
March 2023 Candida auris: Common Questions regarding Screening and Laboratory Testing
February 2023 Updates from the 2022 SHEA Compendium of Strategies to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections: CLABSIs, VAEs, and Hand Hygiene
January 2023 HAIs on the Rise: Highlights from the 2021 Annual National and State Healthcare-Associated Infections Progress Report
December 2022 Sterile Compounding Standards: Updates to USP General Chapter 797
November 2022 Blood Culture Stewardship: Focus on Follow-Up Blood Culture Practices
October 2022 IDWeek 2022: Highlighted DCASIP Research and Abstracts
September 2022 Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and Prion Disorders: Review of Transmissibility and Sterilization Practices
August 2022 Vertical versus Horizontal Approaches to HAI Prevention: Which Direction to Go?
July 2022 Infection Prevention and Control of Multidrug-Resistant Organisms, Part 4: Contact Precautions for Clostridium difficile and Candida auris
June 2022 Infection Prevention and Control of Multidrug-Resistant Organisms, Part 3: Contact Precautions for Gram-Negative Bacterial Organisms