Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services (CMS) Inspections of ASCs

Personnel from the CMS performed inspections of a total of 68 ASCs in Maryland, North Carolina and Oklahoma between June and October 2008 using a new survey tool created in collaboration with the CDC (This survey tool became the routine audit tool for ASC inspections beginning in October 2009). The results from these inspections were alarming:

  • Serious lapses in injection and medication safety were observed in 28% of facilities
  • Errors in equipment processing were observed in 28% of facilities
  • Inadequate cleaning after OR procedures were observed in 19% of audits
  • Single use glucose monitoring equipment was improperly reused in 46% of audited facilities

CMS now has regulatory oversight of all ASCs in the US. CMS has made it clear that they intend to audit ASCs and, among other things, focus on infection prevention practices during these audits.