Universal Masking in Hospitals in the COVID-19 Era: Is It Time to Consider Shielding?

DICON faculty Drs. Sonali Advani, Becky Smith, Sarah Lewis, Dev Anderson, and Dan Sexton worked together on an open access commentary for Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology regarding universal masking during COVID-19. 

With concerns for presymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 and increasing burden of contact tracing and employee furloughs, several hospitals have supplemented pre-existing infection prevention measures with universal masking of all personnel in hospitals. Other hospitals are currently faced with the dilemma of whether or not to proceed with universal masking in a time of critical mask shortages. We summarize the rationale behind a universal masking policy in healthcare settings, important considerations before implementing such a policy and the challenges with universal masking. We also discusses proposed solutions such as universal face shields.

Read the full commentary here.