Updated Tuberculosis Control Plan

In response to the new CDC and NTCA recommendations, DICON has updated our TB Control Plan. Login to check out the new template in our Toolkit. 

Helping Hospitals Control Infections

DICON works with hospitals around the world to provide sophisticated data analysis and metrics, access to experts in infection control,  and extensive educational initiatives related to infection prevention.
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DICON Training Annual Courses

Members can now print new certificates every year to re-validate training completion using our new Annual Courses category.

How DICON Helps

DICON provides easy, immediate, and convenient access to nationally recognized physician-epidemiologists who assist hospitals in developing focused, practical strategies to prevent infections and reduce infection rates.



November has been a busy month for DICON! There are now three new FAQs posted to the FAQ section of My DICON. 

FAQ #41 addresses interpreting testing results of multi-step C. difficile testing, FAQ #42 covers the best isolation practices for patients colonized with C. difficile, and FAQ #43 is a Candida auris update from the DICON faculty. 

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Editorial Commentary in ICHE by DICON Physicians

DICON physicians Drs. Jessica Seidelman, Becky Smith, Christopher Shoff, Art Baker, Sarah Lewis, Deverick Anderson, and Dan Sexton performed a retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data on 7 categories of surgical procedures performed over a 4-year period (July 2013–December 2017) at 3 Duke University Health System (DUHS)–affiliated hospitals. This cohort included adult patients who underwent craniotomy, spinal fusion, laminectomy, hip arthroplasty, knee arthroplasty, and cardiac bypass surgeries. Trained infection preventionists reviewed the cases for SSI using current NHSN definitions. Surveillance for SSIs was primarily culture-based in all 3 hospitals.

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During the past 18 years DICON has provided epidemiological data and support to more than 40 hospitals in 6 states while simultaneously learning a great deal about the challenges and opportunities for infection prevention in community hospitals.

—Dan Sexton, MD, Medical Director of DICON

DICON has been a long-term and valuable partner with my hospitals and me in our joint efforts to prevent hospital-acquired infections and improve patient safety.

—Conrad Schwab, MD, Chair of Infection Control, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center